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Glucodogs, Inc is an established corporation and are a recognized 501(c)(3) charity designed specifically for type 1 diabetics. With a projected skyrocketing of both types of diabetes anticipated in the next 15 years, the need for assistance of any kind will be of tremendous help to those afflicted with this disease, especially for young diabetic children and their parents or the brittle senior diabetic.

With the average cost of a quality, fully trained, and proficient Diabetic Alert Dog (D.A.D.) hovering around $35,000, Glucodogs, Inc was established to help offset this huge outlay. Add this cost to the normal and expected costs of doctor visits, blood glucose testing equipment and test strips, and special foods and diets that a typical diabetic must endure, a dependable Medical Service Dog can be out of reach for most diabetics.

A typical Diabetic Alert Dog must go through hundreds of hours of training. This training consists of early socialization, obedience and behavior training, public access, scent training, and task training. At any moment during this training, a candidate dog may not qualify to move on to the next or final level. Many times, these dogs are steered toward becoming Post Traumatic Stress Emotional Support Dogs. Glucodogs, Inc is designed to help out with the costs.

Glucodogs, Inc is a small charity, and as such, there are no salaried employees. This all helps to ensure that all moneys donated go directly to fulfilling our mission statement: Getting Diabetic Alert Dogs to diabetics who need them, regardless of their ability to pay

All donations are tax deductible.
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